The Nano and Microfabrication Division has an infrastructure dedicated to the design, manufacturing and characterization of functional devices and systems. Research in micro- and nanotechnologies is essential for many national and international research groups, and companies that require adequate infrastructure. The device manufacturing facilities at LNNano are important tools to improve the level of academic R&D, but also to promote innovation and competitiveness in the sector.

Our facilities are open to external users, offering equipment to integrated processes for the manufacture of devices involving deposition of thin films, photolithography, recording and integration. The micro and nanofabrication facilities include a set of clean rooms (class 100, 1000 and 10000), with more than 20 advanced manufacturing pieces of equipment with optimized processes. Alongside manufacturing, the division also offers a set of systems for the electrical characterization of devices. Our team of experts supports students and researchers through training and maintenance of equipment and processes.

Our in-house research is focused on the development of components based on nanomaterials and nanostructures with unique functionalities. From sensors on flexible substrates to micro and nanofluidic systems, the research carried out in the division seeks a synergistic balance between basic knowledge and application geared to address health, energy and environmental demands.


Alexandre Ataide da Silva

Technological Development Analyst

Caroline Yumi Nakiri Nicoliche

Technological Development Analyst

Gabriela Furlan Giordano

Technological Development Analyst

Mariane Peres Pereira

Technological Development Analyst

Ricardo Alexandrino Guimaraes

Technological Development Analyst

Rui Cesar Murer

Electronics Technician

Gabriel Henrique de Morais

Mechatronics Technician

Pedro Vitor Ferreira do Rosário

Technological Development Analyst


Leandro das Merces Silva
Luiz Gustavo Simão Albano
Wanderson da Silva


Jaciara Bar
Jaqueline Falchi da Rocha
Leticia Marie Minatogau Ferro
Ricardo Magno Lopes da Silva
Tatiana Parra Vello


Carlos Vinicius Santos Batista
Denise Maria de Andrade
Guilherme Luciano Pozzoli
Leonardo Hideki Hasimoto
Samantha Garcia Deeke


Ana Claudia Fingolo
Angela Albuquerque Teixeira Neto


Anderson Kenji Okazaki
Wagner Wlysses Rodrigues de Araujo


Bianca Rocha Florindo
Gabriel Griep
João Victor Pomiglio de Oliveira
Laura Martins Carreira
Nicolli de Freitas
Thamiris Cescon dos Santos
Vitória Maria de Souza Freitas


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