The Synthesis Division has its infrastructure dedicated to the preparation of novel functional, advanced and nanostructured materials. The development of routes for the preparation of low-cost, high-yield and easily scaled-up materials for industry is fundamental for the growth and consolidation not only of national and international research groups, but also companies that have their activities underpinned by the creation of new technologies.

Our facilities make it possible to improve the production of materials on a laboratory scale and, in particular cases, in pilot plants observing the principles of green chemistry. As a consequence, it allows the productive sector to create more competitive technologies without significantly impacting the environment and society’s quality of life.

The available DRX, XPS MicroCT and Raman equipment, as well as accessories for in-situ monitoring of materials’ properties, allow users to have a very wide knowledge of the physical-chemical characteristics, such as structure and surface chemical composition. A team of specialists and technicians supports students and researchers through training and maintenance of equipment and processes.

For our in-house research, our team dedicates their efforts to the development of novel routes for the preparation and synthesis of materials, and in the design of materials using raw materials abundant in nature. The focus of these materials developed at different scales ranges from application in the automotive sector, packaging, to the treatment and purification of effluents from industrial waste to the production of energy in a sustainable manner and free of CO2 emissions.


Bruna Pomin Massucato Ramasini

Lab Technician

Carolina Pirogini Torres

Lab Technician

Otavio Berenguel

Technological Development Analyst


Daniel José da Silva
Leilane Roberta Macario
Mario Rodrigo dos Santos Soares
Ingrid Guadalupe Rodriguez Gutierrez
Isis Pelegrini de Andrade Fuku
Karen Cristina Bedin


Brenda Raffaela de Lima
Caroline Ezequiel de Paulo da Silva
Cibele Carneiro Pessan
Gustavo Mitsui Morishita
Lara Marques Daminelli
Lidiane de Oliveira Pinto
Murillo Henrique de Matos Rodrigues
Nadia Andrade Aleixo
Rafael Giovanini de Lima
Rebecca Faggion Albers


Juliana Martins da Silva


Raphael Martinez Garcia


Ana Paula Stelzer de Oliveira
Daiane Batista da Silva
Juliana Tosta Theodoro Carvalho
Marlon Muniz da Silva
Ricardo Boer Aggio


Pedro Ivo Cunha Claro


Diego Magalhães do Nascimento (Vencido)
Marcos Vinicius Lorevice (Vencido)
Nelson Alexandre Galiote Silva (Vencido)


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