Partnerships & Success Stories

The CNPEM/LNNano partnership with Petrobras is an example of a success case, which has fostered important projects that, since LNNano’s creation.

Technology for distributed sensors for oil and gas extraction (2010-2014):
development of microfabricated sensors (MEMS) for monitoring the temperature and pressure of oil wells in real time. The project result can be applied to similar monitoring processes at all stages of oil and gas production;
Sample preparation methods and sensors for the oil and gas industry (2019-2024): development of a joint project aiming to monitor and apply a microfluidic platform. It will lead to increased control over dosages, residues and quality monitoring of the products used in the production chain.

Other successful cases of success partnership between CNPEM/LNNano and companies:

Development of a technology for the production of conductive inks for inkjet printing (2016-2020): project in partnership with the company Ticon supported by SibratecNano network, for the development of metallic silver and silver/copper nanoparticles suitable for inkjet printing processes.

Car parts from nanostructured materials of sugarcane (2019-2021): Bosch and LNNnano are co-developing a component applied in vehicle engines, seeking to increase the combustion performance using nanostructured active materials from renewable sources.