In the User Portal system

After research proposal approval, an email is sent to the proponent with instructions for confirming the team that will come to LNNano/CNPEM, signing the contract and completing the safety training. In the case of the electron microscopy facility, there is one more action, which is to indicate in the contract the dates for scheduling the proposals.

– Team confirmation: The team that will come to LNNano CNPEM may comprise the number of individuals allowed per facility. The User Portal system indicates the maximum number of people allowed for each installation. The proponent is the one who accesses the system to define and confirm the team.

– Accommodation: CNPEM provides accommodation to host researchers during the period of proposals.
For those who want to use our accommodation, reservations must be requested from SAU – User Support Services via the e-mail After the request, the user will receive an email with confirmation or not of the reservation.

– Financial aid: LNNano has a financial aid program for some facilities, granting benefits to users from Brazilian states other than São Paulo, Latin America and the Caribbean, with concession of transport, lunch and accommodation. Information about the aid rules and procedure can be verified with the SAU.

– Contract: A contract outlining rules and obligations to be followed in carrying out the proposal in CNPEM will be available for online signature. Without signing this contract, it is not possible to access the facilities.

– Security training: To access CNPEM facilities, every user must enroll and complete the security training available in the User Portal system. The issuing of the facility access badge is only completed after confirmation that the security training has been carried out.

National and international sample shipment
Users who want to bring or send samples should check the procedure with the facility coordinators.