Communication of LNNano – July 10th, 2013

To encourage the scientific and technological research in the field of Biotechnology, Synchrotron Light, Bioenergy and Nanotechnology. This is the goal of Capes/CNPEM Call for Proposals, which expects to distribute 10 scholarships in the modality of Senior Visiting Researchers and 15 scholarships in the Post-Doctoral modality. Approved projects will be developed in National Laboratories composing the National Research Center for Energy and Materials (CNPEM), in the city of Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil.

Scholarships offered by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) have duration of up to 48 months for Senior Visiting Researchers and up to 36 months for Post-Doctoral, with monthly amount of R$ 8.905,42 and R$ 4.100,00, respectively. CNPEM will fund travel tickets, bench fees (for Post-Doctoral), meals and health insurance of beneficiaries. Call for Proposal is open for applications. Further information can be found here.

Call for Proposals require from applicants to the scholarship of Senior Visiting Researchers having obtained a PhD/DSc for at least 10 years, in addition to major scientific production in the related field. For Post-Doctoral, applicant must have obtained a PhD/DSc for a maximum of five years ago. Projects submitted shall be evaluated by the technical area of Capes and by a scientific committee composed for such activity.

Ceremony of the Call for Proposals announcement was held at CNPEM campus in early May, counting with the presence of Jorge Almeida Guimarães, president of Capes. Guimarães explained that the Call for Proposals announced is an action comprised in the Post-Graduation National Plan (PNPG) 2011-2020. “Our plan provides more inductive process, in addition to bench that shall continue to exist. Therefore, we are formalizing agreements in this category with several renowned research institutions, as Fiocruz, ITA, Inmetro and IMPA”, informs Capes president.

General Director of CNPEM, Carlos Aragão de Carvalho, also recalls the partnership signed with Capes as a milestone for the Center and that would be valuable throughout the construction and start of Sirius research, the new Brazilian synchrotron light source.

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