The Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM), jointly with the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), offers one postdoctoral position related to evaluating the electronic transport in organic/inorganic hybrid nanostructures, as described below.  

About the Project 
Organic/inorganic hybrid nanostructures have become promising candidates in molecular and organic electronics, with economic interest driven by the sustainable energy industries. Single-molecules, nanowires, carbon-nanotubes, 2D-materials, metal-organic frameworks, among others, have manifested their importance in the comprehension of various fundamental properties of the condensed matter at the nanoscale. The combination of those nano-objects may give rise to essential components of monolithically-integrated circuits featuring thermo-mechanicaloptoelectronic, and spin-dependent characteristics. 

Our group, involving experimentalists and theoristsmaster the design, fabrication, and characterization of micro- and nanodevices. We are looking for a motivated postdoctoral fellow to participate in the research involving the development of new organic/inorganic hybrid nanodevices, including the characterization and investigation of electronic transport properties of hybrid systems at the nanoscale.  

Key project aims

  • Participate in the device micro- and nanofabrication;
  • Perform electrical characterization as a function of the electric field, temperature, and magnetic field;
  • Characterize the structure, morphology, optical and mechanical properties of hybrid nanomaterials as active components in micro- and nanodevices;
  • Work in close collaboration with theorists that will be responsible for numerical calculations. 

Requirements and how to apply 

Requirements include:

  • a Ph.D. degree in Physics or Materials Science;
  • Proficiency in English is required;
  • Previous experience in electrical measurements and device characterization is a must;
  • Experience in thin-film deposition, as well as skills in AFM/SEM characterization, are also desired. 

Candidates must send by email to a CV (in PDF format), including a brief description of research experience.

All the applies will be received until February 15th

Any further inquiries should be directed to the same address above.  

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