LNNano promotes the event “Single Particles Cryo-EM Workshop” where participants will discuss the implementation of a Cryo-EM facility at LNNano and the scientific cases that could benefit from that. Participants will have the opportunity to present their current research and discuss the roadmap for the installation of the facility. The event will be held at the CNPEM Campus, in Campinas-SP, on November 18th 2015. The event does not have a registration fee, however the attendance is limited and application is required. The deadline for the application is until November 6th for a talk presentation and November 13th for participation. Participants that want to present a talk should send a title and abstract to rodrigo.portugal@lnnano.cnpem.br.


09:00 Prof. Carlos Pacheco

Prof. Kleber Franchini

Diretor CNPEM

Diretor LNBio

09:10 Rodrigo Portugal LNNano/CNPEM The challenge: where are we and our suggested roadmap
09:30 Silvio Consonni LNBio/CNPEM Application of new genetically encoded tags on cardiac biology: correlated light and electron microscopy
09:50 Kildare Miranda IBCCF/UFRJ TBD
10:10 Alejandro Buschiazzo Institut Pasteur de Montevideo Structural Biology in 2015: new challenges push for more integrative methods
10:30 Coffee
10:50 Andre Ambrósio LNBio/CNPEM Structural determination of the supra-tetrameric form of Glutaminase C
11:05 Andrea Balan ICB/USP Use of 3D Cryo-Electron Microscopy for Reconstruction of Bacterial Multidrug ABC Transporters
11:20 Ronaldo de Oliveira DF/UFTM Modelos computacionais simplificados com aplicações para Cryo-EM
11:35 Otavio Thiemann IFSC/USP Cryo-EM contributions in the understanding of Translational recoding complexes
11:50 Chuck Farah IQ/USP Bacterial Nanomolecular Machines: The Type IV Secretion System and the Type IV Pilus
12:05 Almoço
13:30 Marcio Dias ICB/USP Cryo-EM Structure of 6-methylsalicylic acid (6-MSA) synthese, a type I polyketide synthase (PKS) from Penicillum patulum
13:45 Katie Riciluca Instituto Butantã Structural analysis of spider hemocyanin by cryogenic electron microscopy (“cryo-EM”)
14:00 José Ribamar Ferreira Jr. EACH/USP Mitochondrial nucleoids and Rtg2p: two factors involved in replicative life span of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
14:15 Carlos Breyer IB-CLP/UNESP TBD
14:30 Richard Garrat IFSC/USP Septins and their filaments
14:45 Coffee
15:00 Discussão
17:00 Encerramento


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