Ano: 2014

Extraction of antioxidant compounds from blackberry (Rubus sp.) bagasse using supercritical CO2 assisted by ultrasound

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The first fossil avian egg from Brazil

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The first Pan-Podocnemididae turtle egg from the Presidente Prudente Formation (Late Cretaceous, Bauru Group), Brazil

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The characterization of the endoglucanase Cel12A from Gloeophyllum trabeum reveals an enzyme highly active on beta-glucan

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Ag-rich precipitates formation in the Cu-11%Al-10%Mn-3%Ag alloy

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Experimental realization of TiO2 nanosponge/spin-coated P3HT heterojunction solar cells

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Facile synthesis of the dendritic structure of silver nanoparticles-chitosan and its application as an effective SERS substrate

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Nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of water accessibility in cellulose of pretreated sugarcane bagasse

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Functionalization of SLS parts for application as SERS substrates in chemical analysis preliminary results

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Cellulose nanofibers produced from banana peel by chemical and enzymatic treatment

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Layer-by-layer fabrication of AgCl-PANI hybrid nanocomposite films for electronic tongues

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Y- and T-junction microfluidic devices: effect of fluids and interface properties and operating conditions

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