LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

Microfabrication Laboratory

The Microfabrication Laboratory (LMF) works as an open-multiuser laboratory created to accomplish in-house science and support the scientific and technological communities. It offers facilities and knowledge for device microfabrication through processes for pattern transfer (photolitography, soft lithography, 3D printing, direct writting, lift-off, and wet/dry etching) and thin film deposition (spin coating, vapour phase-based techniques and electrodeposition). LMF performs in-house research in microfluidics in the following specific fields: i) sensors for the quality control of nanomaterials, ii) point-of-use and high-performance electrochemical sensors for applications in diagnoses and energy, iii) techniques for sample preparation, and iv) microfabrication.

LMF has a wide experience on the manufacturing of microdevices composed of a myriade of substrates, including polymers and inorganic material. Furthermore, our set of equipments and well-established protocols ensures the fabrication of metal and semiconductor electrodes toward different scientific and technological purposes. One should also to underline that the LMF users benefit from other laboratories at LNNano, which offer diverse characterization techniques for surface physico-chemical analysis.