Ano: 2013

Innovation for sustainability

Química Nova v. 36, n. 10, p. 1600-1604, 2013 0.737 10.1590/S0100-40422013001000018 Galembeck, F. 2013

Active glutaminase C self-assembles into a supratetrameric oligomer that can be disrupted by an allosteric inhibitor

Journal of Biological Chemistry v. 288, n. 39, p. 28009- 28020, 2013 4.651 10.1074/jbc.m113.501346 Ferreira, A. P. S.; Cassago, A.; Gonçalves, K. de A.; Dias, M. M.; Adamoski, D.; Ascenção, C. F. R.; Honorato, R. V.; Oliveira, J. F. de; Ferreira, I. M.; Fornezari, C.; Bettini, J.; Oliveira, P. S. L. de; Paes Leme, A. F.; Portugal, R. V.; Ambrosio, A. L 2013

Characterization of microchip electrophoresis devices fabricated by direct-printing process with colored toner

Electrophoresis v. 34, n. 5, p. 2169-2176, 2013 3.261 10.1002/elps.201300024 Gabriel, E. F. M.; do Lago, C. L.; Gobbi, A. L.; Carrilho, E.; Coltro, W. K. T. 2013

Effect of Processing Parameters in Obtaining Consolidated Joints and in the Microstructure in Aluminum-Steel Joints Welded by Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

Soldagem & Inspecao v. 18, n. 3, p. 245-256, 2013 0.115 10.1590/s0104-92242013000300007 Torres López, E. A.; Londono, A. J. R. 2013

Functional diversification of cerato-platanins in Moniliophthora perniciosa as seen by differential expression and protein function specialization

Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions v. 26, n. 11, p. 1281-1293, 2013 4.307 10.1094/mpmi-05-13-0148-r Barsottini, M. R. de O.; Oliveira, J. F. de; Adamoski, D.; Teixeira, P.J.P.L.; Prado, P. F. V.; Tiezzi, H. O.; Sforça, M. L.; Cassago, A.; Portugal, R. V.; Oliveira, P. S. L. de; Zeri, A. C. de M.; Dias, S. M. G.; Pereira, G. A. G.; Ambrosio, A. L. B. 2013

Cellulase on-site production from sugar cane bagasse using Penicillium echinulatum

BioEnergy Research v. 6, n. 3, p. 1052- 1062, 2013 4.25 10.1007/s12155-013-9340-5 Pereira, B. M. P.; Alvarez, T.M.; Delabona, P. da S.; Dillon, A. J. P.; Squina, F. M.; Pradella, J. G. C. 2013

Light-emitting properties of a strain-tuned microtube containing coupled quantum wells

Applied Physics Letters v. 102, n. 4, p. 041109, 2013 3.794 10.1063/1.4789534 Zhen, H. L.; Huang, G. S.; Kiravittaya, S.; Li, S. L.; Deneke, C.; Thurmer, D. J.; Mei, Y. F.; Schmidt, O. G.; Lu, W. 2013

Analysis of influence of voltage on potential barrier on BiCuVOX and BiTiVOX ceramics

Microscopy and Microanalysis v. 19, p. 688-692, 2013 2.495 10.1017/s1431927613000160 Gheno, S. M.; Pimentel, V. L.; Morelli, M. R.; Paulin-Filho, P. I. 2013

The impact of the RGD peptide on osteoblast adhesion and spreading on zinc-substituted hydroxyapatite surface

Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Medicine v. 24, n. 5, p. 1271- 1283, 2013 2.141 10.1007/s10856-013-4851-3 Mavrapoulos, E.; Hausen, M. de A.; Costa, A. M. ; Alves, G.; Mello, A.; Ospina Ramirez, C. A.; Mir, M.; Granjeiro, J. M.; Rossi, A. M. 2013

Microstructure evaluation of UNS S32205 duplex stainless steel friction stir welds

REM- Revista da Escola de Minas v. 66, n. 2, p. 187- 191, 2013 0.05 10.1590/s0370-44672013000200008 Santos, T. F. A.; Marinho, R. R.; Paes, M. T. P.; Londono, A. J. R. 2013

Decomposition of lignin from sugar cane bagasse during ozonation process monitored by optical and mass spectrometries

Journal of Physical Chemistry B v. 117, n. 11 , p. 3110-3119, 2013 3.607 10.1021/jp3121879 Souza-Correa, J. A.; Ridenti, M. A.; Oliveira, C.; Araújo, S. R.; Amorim, J. 2013

Fabrication of glass microchannels by xurography for electrophoresis applications

Analyst v. 138, n. 6, p. 1660- 1664, 2013 3.969 10.1039/c3an36540a Santana, P. P. de; Segato, T. P.; Carrilho, E.; Lima, R. S.; Dossi, N.; Kamogawa, M Y.; Gobbi, A. L.; Piazzetta, M. H. O.; Piccin, E. 2013