Ano: 2021

Sputtered crystalline TiO2 film drives improved surface properties of titanium-based biomedical implants

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Towards the Effect of Pt0/Ptd+ and Ce3+ Species at the Surface of CeO2 Crystals: Understanding the Nature of the Interactions under CO Oxidation Conditions

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Effects of donor density on power-law response in tin dioxide gas sensors

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Second-harmonic generation enhancement in monolayer transition-metal dichalcogenides by using an epsilon-near-zero substrate

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Enhanced performance of pencil-drawn paperbased electrodes by laser-scribing treatment

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Evaluating the total gold concentration in metallic nanoparticles with a high content of organic matter through microwave-assisted decomposition platform and plasma-based spectrometric techniques (ICP-MS and ICP OES)

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Hybrid microgels produced via droplet microfluidics for sustainable delivery of hydrophobic and hydrophilic model nanocarriers

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Electrochemical corrosion behaviour of Sn–Sb solder alloys: the roles of alloy Sb content and type of intermetallic compound

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Molybdenum disulfide as a filler for a polymeric matrix at an ultralow content: Polystyrene case

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Mineral composition and microstructure of the abaxial hoof wall in dairy heifers after biotin supplementation

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Multidimensional coherent spectroscopy reveals triplet state coherences in cesium lead-halide perovskite nanocrystals

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Welding thermal stress diagrams as a means of assessing material proneness to residual stresses

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