LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

LMN staff is an evolving team of experienced and dynamic researchers, technicians and students committed to building up and operating a world class R&DI environment.


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CV Lattes

Juliana da Silva Bernardes

Researcher juliana.bernardes  LINK
Rubia Figueredo Gouveia Researcher rubia.gouveia LINK
Mathias Strauss Researcher mathias.strauss LINK
Bruna Pomin Massucato Laboratory Technician bruna.massucato  LINK
Silvane Andreola Soares Laboratory Technician silvane.soares LINK


Post-graduated and students

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CV Lattes
Pamela Sierra Garcia Pos-doc pamela.garcia@lnnano.cnpem.br LINK
Bernardo Nogueira Borges Pos-doc bernardo.borges@bioetanol.org.br LINK
Ana Paola Kim Saravia PhD student anapaola.saravia@gmail.com LINK
Filipe Vargas Ferreira PhD student filipevargasf@gmail.com LINK
Monique Rosolem Chinelatto


PhD student mrchinelatto@gmail.com LINK
Caroline Ezequiel de Paulo da Silva PhD student carolineezequiel92@gmail.com LINK
Guilherme Neves Trindade Undergraduated gtrindade.n@gmail.com LINK
Ana Claudia Fingolo Undergraduated anaclaudiafingolo@outlook.com LINK
Aline Prudente Botelho Undergraduated alinepbotelho@gmail.com LINK