LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

Operation and Training


To access the LME facilities, it is mandatory to submit a research proposal, through the User Portal. Researchers with doctoral degree and institutional affiliation, can submit proposals that justify the use of the facilities and indicate an operator. Proposals are evaluated by a scientific/technical committee. The accepted proposals will have a determined number of sessions, according to the experimental and measurements conditions. LME staff will support users during the proposal. Users who do not have experience in sample preparation, microscopes operation and in the application of advanced techniques will be trained. Trainings are one-to-one training sessions, and can be scheduled between Mondays and Thursdays. Fridays are reserved for internal users and maintenances.

Before coming for the training, users must to download a copy of the specific manual and thoroughly gone through it. The essential training for operating the microscopes covers loading/unloading sample holders, turn on and turn off procedures, the alignment process and basic imaging. The training will be given using our available standard samples and the users will be allowed to characterize their samples only after showing sufficient level of competence. Once after finishing the basic training, the user can request for the training in advanced techniques including TEM diffraction modes, STEM, EELS, EDX, and EBSD etc. We encourage you to contact LME staff to discuss your sample and the kind of analysis you are planning to do before submitting the proposal.


LME rules

  1. The scheduling and management of user training and/or regular sessions will be done by LME staff in agreement with the users.
  2. SEM training requires two sessions and can be finished in one full day. For TEM training, initially six sessions will be booked and it can be reduced or prolonged by another two sessions for a total of eight sessions depending upon the user ability. For the users from São Paulo state, the training will be booked through six consecutive weeks. For other users, outside São Paulo state, all the training sessions can be scheduled in a row.
  3. After completing the training, the user needs to demonstrate the skills in operating the microscope through a practical exam. Only after showing the required competence in operating the microscope, the user can analyze his/her samples.
  4. It will only be allowed to analyze the samples that are indicated in the proposals.
  5. Regular sessions will be scheduled in advance, and will take place shortly after completing the training.
  6. After hours’ sessions are only open for qualified users and needs to be requested by email.
  7. Training in advanced techniques including electron diffraction techniques, spectroscopic measurements, STEM imaging etc. must be scheduled by sending an email after finishing the basic training.
  8. If you cannot attend a scheduled session, you must cancel the session at least over 48 hours in advance by email. In exceptional case, if you need to cancel any scheduled session within less than 48 hours, please call us. Reschedules will depend on the microscope agenda and the staff availability.
  9. Users who doesn’t show up for a scheduled session without informing us in advance is considered as a fault. The first one is tolerated and you will receive a warning email. The second time, you will lose one of your scheduled session or when you want to book the microscope will be denied. The third time, you will be blocked one month. And the fourth time, you can no longer use the LME facilities
  10. Appearing late for a scheduled session will not be tolerated. The timeout is 30 min. If you are going to be late, please notify us by giving a call.