LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

The microscope has operated continuously since in 1998. By machine time, it is probably the longest running in Brazil. It is a 300kV microscope with a high resolution pole piece (Cs = 0.5mm). The higher voltage allows to observe thicker samples compared to the other microscopes. It is used mainly for high resolution (HRTEM) imaging (0.17nm). The STEM mode is not available in this microscope. If you need to do STEM, the other two microscopes are  the instruments for you. Small domains of a few nms can be probed by the electron beam to obtain its EDS spectra or the electron diffraction (CBED).


  • 300 kV with LaB6 filament.
  • Ultra High Resolution pole piece (±15° of tilt).
  • Point resolution of 0.17nm.
  • One megapixel CCD camera (Gatan 794).
  • Noran-Voyager EDS (143 eV resolution) with 3-25nm probe size.
  • Sample Holders: Single Tilt, Double Tilt, Be Double Tilt, and LN2 Cooling Holders.
  • High Resolution TEM and Electron Diffraction (SAD, CBED).