LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory


Laboratório de Ciência de Superfícies
Laboratório Nacional de Nanotecnologia
Centro Nacional de Pesquisa em Energia e Materiais (LNNano/ CNPEM)
Rua Giuseppe Máximo Scolfaro 10000
Campinas, SP
CEP 13083-100

Tel.: +55 19 3512 1166

Current members

The LCS is diverse group of researchers, engineers, technicians and trainees forming a team with the common goal to provide a creative, productive and pleasant research environment for external users as well as in house research.

Name Function email @lnnano.cnpem.br CV Lattes
Christoph Deneke Scientific Responsible christoph.deneke 4679068868095356
Carlos Costa Instrumentation Specialist carlos.costa 2833950143696339
Evandro Martin Lanzoni Technician & User Support evandro.lanzoni 4477646614337185
Ailton Jose Garcia Junior Technician ailton.garcia
Leonarde do Nascimento Rodrigues PostDoc 6813641364341156

Former Members

The research and facilities of the LCS would not have been possible and available without the effort of former members of the group. The list compiles those, who contributed with their talent, energy and work to the current state of the LCS.


Name Job Left to
Raul de Oliveira Freitas PostDoc LNLS (IR beamline scientist)
Pablo F. Siles PhD / Post Doc IFW Dresden
Gilberto Medeiros-Ribeiro Head of the old MTA HP Palo Alto

Technical personal

Name Job Left to
Vinicius Pimentel Scientific Facility Supervisor CTI, Campinas
Lucas Andrade Farias Technician
User Support
LNLS automation group


Name Job Left to
Saimon Filipe Covre da Silva PhD Student (UFV) Uni Linz
Ingrid David Barcelos Guest student for 6 month doing SPM/SNOM Back to UFMG
Leandro das Mercês Silva Master Student (UniCamp) Started PhD in DSF group
Mayara Maria Beltani Auricchio PIBIC student (UniCamp) University (USA)
Maysa Costa Alves Student Industry


Name Job Left to
Floris Knopper Student intership 2016/2017 (TU/e) TU/e (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)
Jenny Paola Romero Castro Bolsa de Verão 2017 Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas
Thayná Mardegan Bolsa de Verão 2016 (UNIFEI) UNIFEI
Yoshiteru Mototshima Filho Trainee 2014 UniCamp (Physics)
Vinicius de Araujo Barboza Trainee 2013/2014 UniCamp
Tito Martini de Carvalho Trainee 2013 University
Luca Capovilla Parizze Trainee 2012 Industry
Paula Mariel Coelho Bolsa de Verão 2012 UFMG
Fabio Barachati Trainee 2011 University
Stefany Queiroz Bezarra Trainee 2011 University