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XTMS Proposal Submission


XTMS Proposal Submission

The XTMS proposal submission system follows the LNLS proposal schedule. Submissions are done once each semester, usually in March and in September for usage of the beamlines in the following semester.




You have to submit your XTMS proposal submission at the CNPEM Sau Online Portal. For this, you will need to register at the Portal and them submit a proposal using the Proposal Form Template. The previously used Scientific Project is no longer needed to submit a proposal.

In order to give to the research proposals submitted to the LNLS-LNNano XTMS installation the uniformity needed in the evaluation procedure, we request the XTMS installation users to use this template. Also we provide in the link below a more detailed guideline for submitting a good proposal.

Writing good proposals

Proposals that don’t follow this template will not be considered in the evaluation process.

Mandatory items in every proposal:

Proposal Title
Principal investigator´s Name / Institution

 1) Is this a new proposal? If this work is a continuation of work done under a previous proposal, give the previous proposal number and indicate what changes have been made.

 2) Scientific background. Give the general and specific scientific background. State clearly the aim of the proposed experiment together with the motivation for the present proposal.

3) Expected results. Describe the expected results from the measurements, their scientific or technical relevance, and how they relate to existing work on the topic. Please highlight how the XTMS installation will give information that is unavailable through conventional methods.

 4) Previous characterization.  Give results of preliminary work carried out with synchrotron radiation and/or other methods. If the samples have not been previously characterized, justify the reason.

 5) Experimental method.  This section must detail the type of measurements to be performed, including the required experimental setup and sample environment. If any specific instrumentation is going to be used, it also must be described in this section. Queries concerning the feasibility (technical or safety aspects) of an experiment should be clarified with LNNano staff before the proposal is submitted.

6) Beam time requested justification. Describe the samples, and based on their number justify the amount of beam time needed. Specifically for the XTMS beamline, sample preparation, mounting and alignment usually take 30-60 minutes for each sample.

7) References.

The proposals must be written in English (the evaluation process may use english speaking scientists) and be limited to a maximum of 2 pages, including text and figures. Proposals written in Portuguese will be rejected!

More information regarding the evaluation process is given in the LNLS page.