LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

Sample Preparation

The Sample Preparation Laboratory has advanced equipment that provide users with the necessary support for the entire sample preparation, from cutting and thinning to the final polishing and chemical etching for revealing the microstructure.

The laboratory counts with a cutting machine (Leco Cut-Off) for metallic and ceramic materials in general, a machine for precision cutting (Buehler IsoMet 4000), an automatic mounting machine (Buehler SimpliMet 1000), a grinder for large samples (Leco BG-30), a manual grinder (Leco DS-20), two manual grinding/polishing machines (Buehler Twin Beta), a semi-automatic grinding/polishin machine (Buehler EcoMet 300), an automatic polishing machine for polishing with colloidal silica (Buehler VibroMet), an automatic electrolytic polishing and etching machine (Struers LectroPol-5), a CTA digital ultrasonic cleaner, an ion milling system (Hitachi IM4000), a Bruker E G4 Phoenix hydrogen content analyzer, an optical spectrometer (SPECTROMAXx) and chemical hood with necessary equipment for chemical etching.