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Conventional Thermomechanical Simulator – Gleeble 3800


Conventional Thermomechanical Simulator – Gleeble® 3800

The conventional thermo-mechanical Simulator – Gleeble® 3800 is capable of performing advanced thermo-mechanical experiments, such as high temperature tension/compression, torsion, among others. It allows to perform simple or complex thermo-mechanical treatment on conductive materials while accessing the material thermal, electrical and mechanical response, at the same time that phase transformations can be tracked using a dilatometer. This allows to establish materials continuous cooling transformation (CCT) diagrams, and to simulate materials processing conditions, such as cold/hot rolling, forging, melting, and welding (single and multipass heat affected zone simulation).

Gleeble 3800® with pocket jaw module for tensile and compression tests.

The sample is mounted within a chamber, which can be vacuum pumped or gas filled. Minimum pressure on the chamber is 10-4 Torr. The physical simulator has a hydraulic system with load capacity of 100 kN (10 tons) in traction and 200 kN (20 tons) in compression with 0.1 kN resolution. Heating is done by the Joule effect, which provides heating rates of up to 10,000 °C/s. For cooling, the machine counts with copper claws favoring the accelerated cooling and accessories enabling to use water, inert gas or liquid nitrogen to even higher rates. The temperature can be measured by two methods: thermocouple (K, S, T types, etc.) or pyrometer. For testing requiring precision in displacement and dilatation, it is possible to use accessories such as extensometers and dilatometers.

In addition to the tension/compression module, LNNano has a module that enables the performance of hot torsion tests, with maximum rotational speed of 1500 rpm and maximum torque of 56 N.m, which can carry up to 90 consecutive revolutions.

Gleeble 3800® with torsion module and liquid nitrogen cooling system.


Accessories available for use in Gleeble® 3800 are:

– C-gauge: dilatometry, 12 mm stroke.

– Dilatometer: dilatometry, 6 mm stroke.

– Laser Dilatometer: dilatometry for samples of 6 or 10 mm of diameter.

– Jaw to Jaw L-gauge, length, 24 mm stroke.

– Iso-Q: internal cooling of test specimen.

– Standard Quench: Used for external cooling with gas or liquid.

– Pyrometer: temperatures between 350 and 1,800 ºC.

– HZT 060 10/25mm gauge length 25mm travel: Measurement of length in cylindrical samples.

– HZT 071mm gauge length +5/-2mm: Measurement of length in cylindrical samples.

– Low Force: 4.4 and 8.8 kN load cells for tests requiring low force.

– Nil Strength: To determine temperature at the nil strength of the material.

– Compression Testing Adapter Set for high strain rate tests.

For further information on the Gleeble system, access www.gleeble.com

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