LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

Innovation Initiatives

Innovation at LNNano

Innovation initiatives at LNNano are addressed to support the Laboratory research teams to successfully convert the generated knowledge into technology and viable products, and to manage the relationship of the Laboratory with its external users, strongly promoting entrepreneurship, multidisciplinarity and creative thinking.

Our Innovation team is genuinely committed to:

  • Promote LNNano missions, its facilities and team expertise;

  • Develop opportunities to apply LNNano’s knowledge into innovative solutions in nanotechnology;

  • Establish national and international partnerships with players of the private sector for technological and economic growth;

  • Increase and improve the dissemination and transfer of the scientific knowledge and technology generated by LNNano;

  • Foster the innovation culture among LNNano researchers to prepare them to quickly respond to new technological demands and relevance challenges.

Our main activities

  • Building of partnership opportunities;
  • Prospection & negotiation of projects;
  • Preparation of cooperation agreements and legal contracts;
  • Technology transfer;
  • Management of the sensitive technologies & IP portfolio of LNNano;
  • Priority searches, drafting and submission of patent applications;
  • Promotion and dissemination of LNNano and its outcomes for the private sector (events, conferences and seminars), for specialized publications and for the general media.

Forms of interact & innovate with LNNano

Select one of the roadtracks provided by LNNano to be aware how our inventions and discoveries can attend your interests:

1)    Services on high complexity analytical characterization and on synthesis of nanotechnological products or advanced materials

2)  Negotiation and partnership in short or long-term R&D projects

3)    License, transfer and supply of technologies, processes or materials

4)    Training & consultancy in LNNano competences in nanotechnology
(R&D management, securing of intellectual property, entrepreneurship)

Contact us

If you have questions or are looking for more information on how to advance your business goals in partnership with LNNano contact us: