LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

“Fast Track” Submission

Attention | The last days in 2020 to submit proposals in fast track mode will be from 15th to 17th of November.

In 2021, the submission for fast track mode is schedule to be 1st to 3rd of February.

Rules for “Fast Track” mode

-For  request the realization of proposals in fast-track mode the proposer must fill this form and  to send it in the  e-mail (fast-track@lnnano.cnpem.br);

-The proponent must be the principal investigator of the research group linked to an educational or research institution;

-Fast-track requests will not be accepted by proponents who have a regular research proposal accepted, in the current semester, in the same line of research. 

-Requests for analyzes will be received in two calls per month and the analyzes will be conducted by a member of the LNNano team. The Fast-track execution schedule is as follows:

* Proposals submissions outside the period will not be analyzed, and the proposer must resend the form in the next call.

** If the samples are not delivered by the mentioned date, the analysis will be canceled. The samples can be stored at room temperature, 8 ° C or -20 ° C, as requested.

Analysis priority: In the end of the submission period for each call, the following proposals will be prioritized for each technique

  1. Analysis requested by referees of submitted articles (the attached evaluation must be sent);
  2. Complementing user measures that benefited from microscopy time in the previous semester, as long as there is no proposal accepted in the current semester;
  3. Preliminary analysis to check the quality of samples before submitting a proposal on the CNPEM User Portal.

– In order to serve the largest possible number of proponents, if two or more requests are made in the same call for the same technique, the tiebreaker criterion will be as follows:

a) proponent who has not yet performed the Fast-track service in the current semester;

b)  proponent who first submits the request on the current call.

– Applications will be evaluated by an internal LNNano committee;

– Only 1 (one) proposal will be executed in each call for each technique;

– Up to 3 samples can be sent, not necessarily the number of samples that will be analyzed. Difficulties in preparation or analysis, may limit the number of samples to be analyzed.

Specific rules for SEM:

  • 4 (four) hours will be available for the preparation and analysis of the sample (s) of the accepted proposal;
  • At the end of the analysis, all results obtained during the session will be provided. 

Specific rules for TEM:

  • 8 (eight) hours will be available for the preparation and analysis of the sample (s) of the accepted proposal;
  • At the end of the analysis, up to 5 (five) representative images of each sample analyzed will be provided.