The Nanotoxicology and Nanobiotechnology Division carries out research activities at the interface between Nanotechnology, Biology and the Environment, aiming at the safe development of new materials and the generation of innovative technologies. The activities developed in this division are also connected with other facilities of LNNano and CNPEM for carrying out joint R&D activities, thus creating a highly promising and strategic environment for research and innovation in nanotoxicology and nanobiotechnology.

Our open facilities are dedicated to the characterization of the toxicity and life cycle of nanomaterials, where they are available for external users, for example, a bioassay system (in vitro, in vivo and in silico), particle size analyzers in liquid dispersions (DCS and MADLS) and darkfield hyperspectral optical microscopy (CytoViva). To support innovation, we offer specialized services in nanotoxicology and technical-scientific support for innovative companies and decision makers on issues involving nanomaterials, risk assessment, sustainability, and regulatory affairs in the national and international context.

As internal research, we conduct integrated and multidisciplinary studies in the areas of i) proactive assessment of the toxicity of nanomaterials and their impacts on human and environmental health (safe-by-design), ii) design of nano-biofunctional materials, iii) electrochemical sensors (batch, microfluidics or wearables) for iv) point-of-care diagnostics in complex biofluids and v) in situ environmental monitoring, and vi) strategies for environmental remediation.


Fabricio de Souza Delite

Technological Development Analyst

Gabriela Helena da Silva

Technological Development Analyst

Postdoctoral Fellows

Aline Maria Pascon


Aline Maria Zigiotto de Medeiros
Ana Cecilia Alves
Francine Coa
Italo Ricardo Serrão Bezerra
Larissa Fernanda Ferreira
Julia Adorno Barbosa


Nathalia Cristine Lima Azevedo


Elio Brochsztain Mizan
Marcella Torres Maia


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