Renato Sousa Lima

Graduated in Chemistry from the Federal University of Paraíba in 2008. Master’s degree in 2010 and Doctorate in 2013 by the São Carlos Chemistry Institute of the University of São Paulo (USP). He held a postdoctoral degree at the Institute of Chemistry at UNICAMP in 2015. He develops research in the field of Analytical Chemistry in microfluidic systems, with an emphasis on electrochemical sensors for in-situ analysis in complex matrices and sample preparation techniques. He has received awards for papers at conferences and featured publications on ACS magazine covers. In 2011 he received the Gold Medal at the USP Innovation Olympics.

  • Shimizu, F. M.; Pasqualeti, A. M.; Todão, F. R.; de Oliveira, J. F. A.; Vieira, L. C. S.; Gonçalves, S. P. C.; da Silva, G. H.; Cardoso, M. B.; Gobbi, A. L.; Martinez, D. S. T.; Oliveira Jr., O. N.; Lima, R. S. “Monitoring the surface chemistry of functionalized nanomaterials with a microfluidic electronic tongue”. ACS Sensors, 3: 716–726, 2018.
  •  Nicoliche, C. Y. N.; Costa, G. F.; Gobbi, A. L.; Shimizu, F. M.; Lima, R. S. “Pencil graphite core for pattern recognition applications” Chemical Communications, 55: 4623–4626, 2019.
  • Silva, G. S.; de Oliveira, L. P.; Costa, G. F.; Giordano, G. F.; Nicoliche, C. Y. N.; da Silva, A. A.; Khan, L. U.; da Silva, G. H.; Gobbi, A. L.; Silveira, J. V.; Filho, A. G. S.; Schleder, G. R.; Fazzio, A.; Martinez, D. S. T.; Lima, R. S. “Ordinary microfluidic electrodes combined with bulk nanoprobe produce multidimensional electric double-layer capacitances towards metal ion recognition” Sensors & Actuators B – Chemical, 305: 127482–127493, 2020.


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