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Recent publications


Coltro, W. K. T., Neves, R. D.; Motheo, A. D.; Da Silva, J. A. F.; Carrilho, E. Microfluidic devices with integrated dual-capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detection to monitor binding events in real time, Sensors and Actuators B, v. 192, p. 239, 2014.

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Tallarico, D. A., Gobbi, A. L.; Paulin Filho, P. I.; Maia Da Costa, M. E. H.; Nascente, P. A. P. Growth and surface characterization of TiNbZr thin films deposited by magnetron sputtering for biomedical applications, Materials Science & Engineering C, v. 43, p. 45, 2014.


Antonio, T. R. T. A.; Feitosa, M. C.; Cesario, I.; Machado, S. A. S.; Pedrosa, V. A. Towards pH-controllable bioelectrocatalysis for hydrogen peroxide based on polymer brushes, Electrochemistry Communications, v. 29, p. 41, 2013.

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Basso, C. R.; Tozato, C. C.; Ribeiro, M. C. M.; Junior, J. P. A.; Pedrosa, V. A. An Immunosensor for the Diagnosis of Canine Distemper Virus Infection using SPR and EIS, Analytical Methods, v. 5, p. 5089, 2013.

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Colauto, F.; Vestgården, J. I.; De Andrade, A. M. H.; Oliveira, A. A. M.; Ortiz, W. A.; Johansen, T. H. Limiting thermomagnetic avalanches in superconducting films by stop-holes, Applied Physics Letters, v. 103, p. 032604, 2013.

Da Silva, E. R., Segato, T. P.; Coltro, W. K. T.; Lima, R. S.; Carrilho, E.; Mazo, L. H. Determination of glyphosate and AMPA on polyester-toner electrophoresis microchip with contactless conductivity detection, Electrophoresis, v. 34, p. 2107, 2013.

De Campos, R. P. S.; Yoshida, I. V. P.; Breitkreitz, M. C.; Poppi, R. J.; Da Silva, J. A. F. Raman imaging spectroscopic characterization of modified poly(dimethylsiloxane) for micro total analysis systems applications, Spectrochimica Acta Part A, v. 100, p. 67, 2013.

Gabriel, E. F. M.; Do Lago, C. L.; Gobbi, A. L.; Carrilho, E.; Coltro, W. K. T. Characterization of microchip electrophoresis devices fabricated by direct-printing process with colored toner, Electrophoresis, v. 34, p. 2169, 2013.

Lima, R. S.; Piazzetta, M. H. O.; Gobbi, A. L.; Segato, T. P.; Cabral, M. F.; Machado, S. A. S.; Carrilho, E. Highly sensitive contactless conductivity microchips based on concentric electrodes for flow analysis, Chemical Communications, v. 49, p. 11382, 2013.

Lima, R. S.; Leão, P. A. G. C.; Monteiro, A. M.; Piazzetta, M. H. O.; Gobbi, A. L.; Mazo, L. H.; Carrilho, E. Glass/SU-8 microchip for electrokinetic applications, Electrophoresis, v. 34, p. 2107, 2013.

Mastelaro, V. R.; Mastelaro, V. R.; Zílio, S. C.; Da Silva, L. F.; Pelissari, P. I.; Bernardi, M. I. B.; Guerin, J.; Aguir, K. Ozone gas sensor based on nanocrystalline SrTi1-xFexO3 thin films, Sensors and Actuators. B, v. 181, p. 919, 2013.

Metto, E. C.; Evans, K.; Barney, P.; Culbertson, A. H.; Gunasekara, D. B.; Caruso, G.; Hulvey, M. K.; Da Silva, J. A. F.; Lunte, S. M.; Culbertson, C. T. An Integrated Microfluidic Device for Monitoring Changes in Nitric Oxide Production in Single T‑Lymphocyte (Jurkat) Cells, Analytical Chemistry, v. 85, p. 10188, 2013.

Pessoa De Santana, P.; Segato, T. P.; Carrilho, E.; Lima, R. S.; Dossi, N.; Kamogawa, M. Y.; Gobbi, A. L.; Piazzeta, M. H. O. P.; Piccin, E. Fabrication of glass microchannels by xurography for electrophoresis applications, Analyst, v. 138, p. 1660, 2013.

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Gasperini, A.; Malachias, A.; Fabbris, G.; Kellermann, G.; Gobbi, A. L.; Avendaño, E.; Azevedo, G. M. Investigation of indirect structural and chemical parameters of GeSi nanoparticles in a silica matrix by combined synchrotron radiation techniques, Journal of Applied Crystallography, v. 45, p. 71, 2012.

Lima, R. S.; Moraes, F. C.; Segato, T. P.; Cesarino, I.; Cetino, J. L. M.; Machado, S. A. S.; Gomez, F.; Carrilho, E. Glass/PDMS hybrid microfluidic device integrating vertically aligned SWCNTs to ultrasensitive electrochemical determinations, Lab on a Chip, v. 12, p. 1959, 2012.

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Shiroma, L. Y.; Santhiago, M.; Gobbi, A. L.; Kubota, L. T. Separation and electrochemical detection of paracetamol and 4-aminophenol in a paper-based microfluidic device, Analytica Chimica Acta, v. 725, p. 44, 2012.

Tallarico, D. A.; Gobbi, A. L.; Paulin Filho, P. I.; Galtayries, A.; Nascente, P. A. P. Surface characterization of Zr/Ti/Nb tri-layered films deposited by magnetron sputtering on Si(111) and stainless steel substrates, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, v. 30, p. 051505, 2012.


Lima, R. S.; Segato, T. P.; Gobbi, A. L.; Coltro, W. K. T.; Carrilho, E. Doping of a dielectric layer as new alternative for increasing sensitivity of the contactless conductivity detection in microchips, Lab on a Chip, v. 11, p. 4148, 2011.


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