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Sputtering DC/RF

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1. Balzers (BA510) plasma-beam DC sputtering system

  • Process material: usually Cr, Ti, Au, Al, Cu, Ni, Fe, Pt, Pd, NiFe, WTi, …
  • Wafer size: 7-inch (maximum)
  • Substrate heating
  • High density plasma-beam
  • Four-targets
  • Base pressure: 2×10-7 mbar
  • Thickness control: Crystal sensor
  • Reactive sputtering (O2 and N2)

Balzers (BA510)

2. Leybold (Z400) RF sputtering system

  • Process material: usually SiO, SiO2, Ti, TiO2, Pt and Au.
  • Wafer size: 2-inch (maximum)
  • Base pressure: 2×10-6 mbar
  • Three-targets




Leybold (Z400)

3. AJA International Inc. (Orion 8) RF/DC sputtering system

  • Process material: usually V, Ni, Al, Ti, Mo, W, SiO2, TiO2, Si, Pt, Fe, …
  • Wafer size: 4-inch (maximum)
  • Base pressure: 2×10-8 mTorr
  • Thickness control: Crystal sensor
  • Five-targets
  • Load-lock-chamber
  • Substrate heating
  • Co-evaporation
  • Reactive sputtering (O2 and N2)
  • Fully automated

AJA International Inc. (Orion 8)