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Heidelberg µpg 101 Table Top Laser Pattern Generator

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The equipment is a table top capable of generating patterns as thin as 3 µm. The µPG 101 is an extremely economical and easy to use micro pattern generator for direct writing applications and low volume mask making. It can also be used for direct writing on wafers (Silicon and other materials). It basically works like a desktop printer with a resolution of 250,000dpi. The system can be used for applications like MEMS, BioMEMS, Integrated Optics, Micro Fluidics or any other application that requires high precision, high resolution microstructures. Equipment website: http://www.himt.de/en/products/muepg101.php.


Key features and options:

  • Substrates Dimensions from 2” to 5”, maximum thickness 6mm, flatness < ± 20μm.
  • Structures down to 3 μm.
  • Multiple data input formats (DXF, CIF, GDS, BMP).
  • Camera system for alignment.
  • Resists: S18XX, AZ15XX, AZ45XX, AZ92XX, SU-8