LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

Operation and Training

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Becoming a electron microscope user.

  1. Submit a proposal using the Portal.
  2. Upon approval, fill all the required forms.
  3. Contact the responsible for the microscope to book the training.
  4. To complete the training, competence must be demonstrated for the instrument to be operated.
  5. Start your research.

Scheduling for the microscopes:

  1. Access the online scheduling website (Portal) to check your booking for the microscope.
  2. Check for the sign-up rules.
  3. Use the Portal to book your session to the microscope.

Facility rules:

As any open facility, there are a few rules that has to be obeyed by all users. Read them below.

  1. Only one microscope operator for each proposal.
  2. The training for the SEM will take one day. For the TEMs, four session will be booked at first. Each session for the TEM is about 6hs long. The training will be shorter or longer depending on the user abilities. For users from São Paulo state, the training will be booked through three consecutive weeks. Two sessions in the first week. Other users will have the training condensed in one week if possible. If necessary two more sessions can be assigned for the training (total of six sessions).
  3. After the training, the user will receive access to the microscope scheduling system. Only one session per week is allowed. You can book up to two sessions. If you are not from São Paulo state, we have a different arrangement. Please, send an e-mail to explain your needs.
  4. Fridays are reserved for internal users and maintenance to all microscopes.
  5. For the TEM-MSC and the SEM-LV, Thursday is also reserved for industry project.
  6. Night sessions and weekends are open for qualified users only.
  7. If the microscope is free (daytime) in the period of 48hs, the microscope can be booked by anyone. But you need to send an e-mail to the staff to confirm the session.
  8. No show for a session on the microscope is considered a serious fault. The first one is tolerated. The second is punished with the loss of one scheduled session. The third is a month. And the forth is banishment.
  9. Lateness to the microscopes will not be tolerated. If you are going to be late, please make a call.

The training of the microscope is given by the staff. It is an one-to-one training. The training schedule depends on the staff availability. Usually one to two users are trained each month for the TEMs. Before coming to the training, please, print a copy of the microscope manual and read it. It is available for download.

The training is given with a standard sample and it is provided by us. For the TEM training you don’t need to bring your sample. Only after you have shown competence with the microscope, you will be allowed to load your own sample.

We are very strict about starting the training on time. If by any reason you are going to be late, please give us a call.

The first training is the alignment process and basic imaging. Training for advanced techniques can be requested as necessary. This includes electron diffraction and analytical techniques.

Training for sample preparation can also be requested. Please, contact us to discuss your sample and the kind of analysis you plan to do.

External Resources:

NIST DTSA II  (quantitative x-ray microanalysis)