LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

Training & Consultancy


LNNano, upon request, offers training courses dedicated to advanced concepts of nanotechnology, especially concerning the operation of sophisticated equipment and development of analytical methodology.

Training is schooled by LNNano’s specialists and comprises technical concepts and case studies with a hands-on activity. Training is tailor-made to meet customer needs and can be offered at any time of the year at LNNano facilities, as well as a company customer site, for groups of assorted sizes in number. LNNano offers an excellent infrastructure to host the courses, which include parking, cafeteria, and auditorium with multimedia and free internet access.

Training costs will depend on the technique to be explored, the number of participants and level of the knowledge desired (e.g. an intermediate or advanced course). For information on how to contract a course and cost estimates, please contact the LNNano Innovation team.


In addition to training, LNNano also provides consulting services to companies interested in developing and/or extending their knowledge in nanotechnology and its techniques, and to propose solutions to problems and challenges in nanotechnology faced by the company.

Consultancy can be offered on the following topics:

  • plan and design of nanotechnology experiments (DoE);
  • analysis, treatment, and interpretation of results and measurements;
  • equipment assembly arrays and project of nanotechnological laboratory facilities;
  • development of equipment and instrumentation;
  • prospective and state-of-the-art studies on the nanotechnological fields explored by LNNano;
  • search of anteriority on nanotechnological subjects, patent searching and drafting.

For information on how to hire consultancy and cost estimation, please contact LNNano Innovation team.