LNNano - Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory

Innovation Initiatives

The Brazilian Nanotechnology National Laboratory (LNNano) is dedicated to creating, disseminating and applying nanotechnology, continually pursuing innovation.

LNNano team is composed of highly experienced researchers and skilled technicians. The Laboratory is open to academic and business users and offers state-of-art sets of equipment and a world-class R&D environment.

The Laboratory seeks, by means of basic and applied research carried out by its teams, to exploit opportunities in nanotechnology to satisfy the demands of the private sector and the public society in a regional, national and international scale.

LNNano most valuable expectations consider the development of sustainable products, high-value cost-benefit processes and the generation of new knowledge and welfare, in multidisciplinary fields as human & animal health, environmental protection and remediation, clean & renewable energy generation, remote sensing and synthesis of advanced functional materials for a myriad of final uses.

Missions in Innovation

  1. Promote LNNano innovative solutions in nanotechnology, its facilities and team expertise to establish national and international partnerships with players of the private sector for technological and economic growth.
  2. Increase and improve the dissemination and transfer of the scientific knowledge and technology generated by LNNano for the welfare of living beings and development of society.

Interaction opportunities with LNNano

  1. License, transfer and supply of technologies, processes and materials
  2. Projects partnership in RD&I
  3. High complexity and specialized services in RD&I and analytical characterization 
  4. Training and consultancy in LNNano competences and RD&I platforms

Basic & applied R&D platforms

  1. Advanced characterization by means of latest and advanced techniques
    1. Acquisition of images in ultra-high resolution and sub-nanometric scale;
    2. In situ & In operando characterization;
    3. Visualization of biologic systems and tiny molecules.
  2. Growing and studying of hybrid interfaces and grain boundaries for different classes of nanomaterials.
  3. Synthesis and studies of heterostructures and 2D materials.
  4. Fabrication and characterization of complex nanodevices
    1. Microfluidic devices;
    2. Flexible, molecular and hybrid electronics;
  5. Manufacturing processes (e.g. optical and soft lithography, thin film deposition, plasma and wet chemical etching, bonding, electro-molding, 3D printing).
  6. Synthesis of micro and nanostructured materials from biomassic sources and sustainable raw materials.
  7. Synthesis of polymer, elastomeric and bio-metallic nanocomposites using nanomaterials.
  8. Nanotoxicology and nanomedicine
    1. Nanomaterials regulation proposals and studies
    2. Nanomaterials environmental impact evaluations
    3. Nanoparticles synthesis for antibiotics, oncological and viruses’ targets
    4. Bionanomaterials synthesis

LNNano Innovation Staff

LNNano’s Innovation team strongly values multidisciplinary and creative thinking and has an extensive experience in mediating and managing negotiations between different players from the agribusiness, industry and services markets, government sectors and research and development institutions.

The team oversees the analysis of the feasibility and the management of the sensitive technologies portfolio of LNNano, the drafting of patent applications, the preparation and issuing of cooperation agreements and other legal contracts, the prospection and contract of projects and partnership opportunities and promotes the dissemination of LNNano and its outcomes in the most relevant private sector conferences and seminars, in specialized market publications and in the media for the general public.

Yara Csordas
Innovation Manager
Kleber Eduardo Vicente dos Santos
Innovation Intern

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